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Opening the Beit Midrash

Azara is a new initiative creating Jewish text learning for everyone in the UK.

Our Story

Azara was formed from two grassroots groups, Open Talmud Project and Pop-Up Beit Midrash. We’re coming together from across the community because we think the Torah belongs to everyone.

“Azara has given me an opportunity I have only ever had in Jerusalem or New York. To study complex Jewish text, at a high level, in the original with excellent teachers, but, most importantly, with an unprecedented diversity of participants. We read, discuss and argue our way through traditional texts but with people who I have never had the privilege of studying together – Orthodox, progressive, liberal, ex-chareidi, LGBTQI+, across class and parts of the UK.”

AZARA participant

Help us grow the Beit Midrash

Azara would be nothing without our friends, volunteers, and donors. If you want to make Torah learning possible in the UK, we need your help. Whether it’s a spare afternoon or a few pounds, we can’t do it without you. Regardless of your contribution, you’ll be welcome to learn with us, because we’re making the Beit Midrash open to everyone.

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